Stubble Trimmer vs Beard Trimmer

No one thought the day would come when men would wander the streets deliberately with stubble on their faces. It used to be that there was a choice between clean shaven or a beard. But now, add the extra dynamic of men that deliberately go for the five o’clock shadow look. The bestbodyhairtrimmer’s website is the best place for related products and information.

Stubble TrimmerThat is why there is a new line of men’s grooming tools that are specifically designed to be stubble trimmers. These stubble trimmers are different than beard trimmers because they are designed for close cuts. Most stubble trimmers work by cutting the hair at 1mm, which is quite a close trim.

The Conair For Men i-Stubble is an example of such artistry. The settings on this bad boy range from 0.4 mm to 5 mm. Most beard trimmers have either a straight shave (which can actually leave a bit of stubble is the device isn’t top quality) or the option of using a guard. The guards range from 1 mm cuts to 8 mm, depending on the number used. A low number guard will produce the closest cut, and a longer cut, the longest.

When deciding whether to purchase a stubble trimmer vs beard trimmer, one must carefully calculate the pros and cons of each machine. A stubble trimmer will not help if the eventual goal is a beard, so in this instance, a beard trimmer would be a more acceptable option. However, if a person never wants a true beard, then investing in a stubble trimmer might help this individual try out a slightly more rustic grooming style. Of course the goal might be to look a little bit more like a mountain man, but the secret is always having the right tools so that the look stays attractive.

Here is the great debate answered between a stubble trimmer vs beard trimmer. We hope this helps you decide on which machine will better suit your style.

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