How to Clean Bed Sheets.

How to Clean Bed Sheets

In order to have a good night’s rest, clean bedding are of paramount importance. In fact, you can never achieve quality sleep regardless of how expensive you bedding are, if your bed sheets aren’t regularly cleaned.

Unfortunately, most people remain in the dark on the best cleaning techniques when it comes to bed sheets. Let’s have a look at how exactly to clean your bed sheets without damaging the threads and fibers, more so for premium brands.

How to Clean Bed Sheets:

Imagine all the sweat, dead body cells and oils you leave behind after getting six to eight hours of rest every night for a week. Removing these stains completely can be a tedious affair more so if you lack these basic tips.It is paramount to start by mentioning that bed sheets should be washed at least once every week.

Loading – while loading them in the washer, avoid jamming the machine with clothes as bed sheets require sufficient space for optimal cleaning. Also, never mix the sheets with your other clothes to avoid them getting tangled up together. What’s the Best and Most Comfortable Bed Sheets in 2016?

Machine Settings – the only fabric you can safely launder on any cycle setting is cotton. With the rest, you will have to categorically select the fabric’s ideal cycle. Also, note that over washing the sheets can damage its threads and therefore, paramount to wash over the stipulated period, as stated in the care label under

washing instructions. Water Temperature – light colored and white sheets can be properly washed in any water temperature. However, use warm water during winter and flu seasons to get rid of allergens. As for dark colored sheets, use cold water to deter them from fading.

Drying – always follow the dryer temperatures as indicated on the care label, view here. What most people don’t seem to realize is that as much as you want your sheets to dry fast, high temperatures can damage your bed sheets immensely. In most cases, these high temperatures will cause wrinkling, over-drying or even worse, weaken the fibers of your expensive Egyptian cotton bed sheets.

If what you really want is for the bed sheets to dry evenly, there are some tricks you can use to achieve this. For instace, you can throw in rubber dry balls or cotton wool, or better yet, tennis balls inserted in a pair of socks.

The best drying technique, though, is allowing the bed sheets to dry outdoors. This not only allows them to get a fresh scent, but also saves on much needed energy being that the drying component of a washing machine is the main electric guzzler in the comprehensive unit. Drying the sheets outdoors also allows the fabric to soften a little compared to what you would achieve from a dryer.

In Conclusion – to sum it up, pre-treat your sheets to remove small, yet stubborn stains. On the flip-side, throw in a color- safe or chlorine bleaching agent to get rid of the tough stains causing headaches. With the above tips, you can be guaranteed of a good night’s rest facilitated by clean bedding.

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