How to Clean a Garment Steamer

Garment steamers need frequent cleaning whenever there are cases of clogging and formation of layers by the steam. Some of the causes of the clogging is the deposits of mineral that are found the water. Research indicates that the use de-mineralized and distilled reduces this clogging and on the other hand increases the efficiency of the steamers with time. In the following discussion we are going to look at some of the ways in which the garment steamers are supposed to be cleaned. Read a lot garment steamer reviews to be sure what needs to be done.

Remove the water remnants from the fabric steamer.

Garment SteamerThis is a procedural process that involves opening the valve and allowing the remaining liquid to flow out into the sink and then the valve is closed. In case of absence of the valve you can turn over the steamer and allow all the water to pour out before you return it to the upright position. This is to allow proper cleaning while the steamer is empty.

Fill the reservoirs with the cleaning solution

The cleaning solution normally involves a mixture of distilled water and white vinegar. The solution is very important and well-made to ensure that there are no addition minerals that are added into the steamer during the cleaning. Moreover, you are supposed to plug the cap and the garment steamer into the reservoir and then turn it on.

Allow half of the cleaning solution to be used by the running reservoir.

You are supposed to keep track of the working of the steamer and importantly noting the amount of steam emitted by the running reservoir. A steamer that is emitting large amounts of steam is actually doing the cleaning of the garment steamer.

Turn the steamer off and unplug it.

After this you then supposed to allow the remaining cleaning solution to settle in the reservoir for around half an hour before you pour it out. This is to allow the steamer to cool off. You are then expected to rinse the cleaning solution from the reservoir and then turn on the machine and allow the steamer to run. Finally you are required to remove all the remaining distilled water and then give time for the container to dry before packing is done.

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